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24/02/19: KS4 performance tables are available.
24/02/19: The Education Secretary has set out his vision to help children build character and resilience - as crucial to young people's future success as academic achievements.
24/02/19: The government should hold headteachers to account for how they spend the PE and sports premium and claw back money if it is misspent, a new report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on a fit and healthy childhood has urged.
24/02/19: A study by the University of Oxford has found that black Caribbean pupils were twice as likely to be identified as having social, emotional and mental health needs as white British pupils, with a call that schools look at their policies to ensure there is no systematic bias in the way special needs are identified.
26/02/19: DfE has announced guidance on what primary and secondary schools will be expected to teach about relationships, health and sex education from September 2020.

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