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16/07/19: From 2 September 2019 the revised Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) 2019 guidance is in place. Are your school's safeguarding policies up-to-date and published on the website?
16/07/19: DfE has published its healthy schools rating scheme, a self-assessment tool which has been designed to help schools improve the health and wellbeing of pupils.
16/07/19: ESFA has published the Academies Financial Handbook 2019effective from 1 September 2019.
16/07/19: NSPCCs 2019 report How Safe are our Children? concentrates on online safety and the risks that children face.
16/07/19: A primary school in London has introduced a series of innovative measures to improve pupils' mental wellbeing.
16/07/19: Young people can need more help than previous generations in being independent when they leave home, Education Secretary Damian Hinds says. He has announced the launch of new workshops from September to support the teaching of young people about living independently, managing money and dealing with conflict.
03/07/19: From 2 September 2019 the revised Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) 2019 guidance will be in place. Until that date, schools must continue to have regard to KCSIE 2018.
03/07/19: Ofsted has published inspection methodology for Inspecting the Curriculum as well as the research evidence underpinning their new education inspection framework.
03/07/19: A report from the OECD think tank shows that schools in England are more likely to face problems with pupils bullying online and misusing social media than in any other developed country.
03/07/19: DfE has published a new guidance document Teaching online safety in school. It is recommended that this is read together with Education for a Connected World (UKCIS 2018).
03/06/19: DfE have published a letter around school responsibilities for school food, highlighting issues raised by the Children's Future Food Inquiry.
03/06/19: The reception baseline assessment (RBA) being piloted later in 2019 is expected to be introduced in all state-funded primary schools in September 2020. The new assessment will enable the removal of Key Stage 1 tests at the end of Year 2.
03/06/19: An annual study by the University of Roehampton has found that fewer 16-year-olds in England are getting a computing qualification. It also said schools have cut back on time spent teaching the subject
03/06/19: The first 3 T Levels (digital production design & development, design surveying & planning and education) will be available at selected schools and colleges from September 2020. These will offer students a mixture of classroom learning and an industry placement.
03/06/19: Research by Birmingham City University has found that changing how music is taught in schools could boost attendance for struggling students.
03/06/19: The new Educators on Board campaign aims to encourage teachers and school leaders to become school governors in other schools. School governance provides genuine professional development opportunities by giving teachers valuable experience of strategic leadership and the opportunity to grow their skills in a different educational context.
03/06/19: Character and resilience are key to social mobility - the Education Secretary is seeking views on the development of character and resilience in young people to help shape the recommendations of a new Character Advisory Group.

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