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03/04/19: Please note that DfE has published the latest updated version of the Governance Handbook. A summary of the main changes can be found on pp6-8 of the handbook.
03/04/19: Education Secretary Damian Hinds has added his support for 'Wellbeing dogs' in schools to help reduce stress in the classroom.
03/04/19: DfE have published guidance and support for education providers who want to increase their use of technology in education, including choosing the right broadband for your school, assessing your school ICT infrastructure and moving your school to the cloud.
13/03/19: As part of their Buying for Schools toolkit, DfE has added guidance on best practice for construction projects.
13/03/19: As you will have seen, there has been a lot in the media about online safety, and in particular MOMO. MOMO is a hoax. There is no evidence to say that any of the claims are true. Schools should always ensure that they use the best quality advice from organisations who have been involved in online safety for many years. Kent County Council's Online Safety Alerts - Think Before you Scare has useful guidance.
13/03/19: Music education needs to keep up with technology to reflect the reality of how young people engage with music, according to a report from the Music Commission Retuning our Ambition for Music Learning - Every Child Taking Music Further.
13/03/19: Nearly three in five young people believe UK education fails to equip them for the job market according to a recent IPSOS poll. The research concluded there was 'considerable scope for improvement in the way national education systems prepare young people for the job market'.
13/03/19: Around 96% of primary schools already offer some careers-related activities, and the Education Secretary has revealed that the DfE are working with Industry experts to produce support for primary schools in this important area.
13/03/19: Learning a foreign language at GCSE and A level is at its lowest level in UK secondary schools since the turn of the millennium, according to BBC analysis. However, although German and French are falling the most at GCSE level, there has been increased interest in Spanish and Mandarin.
13/03/19: Banning cars from idling near schools, and making sure that children can walk or cycle to school are some of the measures recommended in a report by Public Health England (PHE).
13/03/19: Ofsted's report Safeguarding children and young people in education from knife crime - lessons from London finds that while schools need to keep children safe, they do not have the ability to counter the complex societal problems behind the rise in knife crime.
26/02/19: DfE has announced guidance on what primary and secondary schools will be expected to teach about relationships, health and sex education from September 2020.
24/02/19: KS4 performance tables are available.
24/02/19: The Education Secretary has set out his vision to help children build character and resilience - as crucial to young people's future success as academic achievements.
24/02/19: The government should hold headteachers to account for how they spend the PE and sports premium and claw back money if it is misspent, a new report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on a fit and healthy childhood has urged.
24/02/19: A study by the University of Oxford has found that black Caribbean pupils were twice as likely to be identified as having social, emotional and mental health needs as white British pupils, with a call that schools look at their policies to ensure there is no systematic bias in the way special needs are identified.

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