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23/01/20: The latest School Governance Update has been published by DfE
23/01/20: The latest consultation has been launched to bring all Outstanding schools back into a regular inspection cycle, with Ofsted visiting every 4 to 5 years. This change will mean schools currently rated as Outstanding will no longer be exempt from routine inspection from September 2020. The consultation closes on 24 February 2020.
23/01/20: DfE have announced a further £80 million investment in music hubs as well as an additional £4 million boost to cultural education as part of their commitment to allow young people to learn creative skills and widen their horizons.
23/01/20: Did you know that savings can be achieved by schools using the DfE supply teachers and agency workers deal?
23/01/20: DfE have introduced a period product scheme to provide free period products for all learners under the age of 19 who need them. The guidance contains information on choosing and ordering period products, distributing products within school and tackling stigma.
01/12/19: A fifth of young people in the UK have been bullied in the past 12 months, according to the annual bullying survey by the charity Ditch the Label - figures which are almost identical to those from last year's survey.
01/12/19: The annual Teacher Wellbeing Index has revealed that almost three-quarters of respondents' are stressed, while more than half had considered leaving the sector because of mental health and wellbeing pressures.
01/12/19: A report by Sport England has found that one in three children in England does fewer than 30 minutes of physical activity a day - half the amount recommended by government guidelines - with the gap between girls' and boys' activity levels widens from the end of primary school.
01/12/19: Researchers from the University of Leeds have found that GCSE students who said they rarely ate breakfast achieved nearly two grades lower than those who rarely missed their morning meal.
26/11/19: Ofsted's Sean Harford and Yvette Stanley, National Director for Social Care have written a useful article on peer-on-peer abuse.
26/11/19: DfE have updated their guidance on statutory policies for schools and academy trusts.
26/11/19: The November edition of Ofsted's School Inspection update, the first since the roll-out of the new framework, focuses on the minor changes to section 5 and section 8 handbooks following the first two months under the Education Inspection Framework. This video gives a useful overview of the new Education Inspection framework.
26/11/19: The Education Endowment Foundation's (EEF) Guide to the Pupil Premium aims to support schools in spending their pupil premium to maximise pupil benefit.
26/11/19: The government's first State of the Nation report on the wellbeing of children and young people, suggests that getting enough sleep and spending time with friends may have a bigger effect on teenage girls' mental wellbeing than social media use.
26/11/19: DfE has updated its guidance on flexible working in schools to help recruit, retain and motivate teachers.
26/11/19: A report from the OECD and Education and Employers says that by the age of seven, children have already begun to make assumptions about what type of people will enter different types of work. The Forum Network has looked at how young people's career aspirations compare to projected work demands, including a short video.
26/11/19: Ofqual have announced that French and German GCSE exams will be marked less severely from 2020 in England, after a review of grading, bringing the grading standards of these two languages into line with GCSE Spanish.

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