to the National Coordinators of Governor Services

Our vision

Effective governance

Support and enable the delivery of high quality services to governors to ensure effective governance.

Enable development

Provide a mechanism to ensure that Governor Service professionals have access to a range of professional development opportunities.

Facilitate discussion

Allow professionals to discuss and debate issues on a regional and national level through meetings and a regular annual conference.

How we work?

The National Co-ordinators of Governor Services (NCOGS) is a committee representing Local Authority providers of services to school governors and other governor support professionals. The committee is made up of Co-ordinators of Governor Services (COGS) from across the eight regional groups and is funded through subscription.

As a group, the COGS exist to support and enable the delivery of high quality services to governors and to ensure effective governance in schools. The committee also provides a mechanism for professionals working in Governor services to access a range of materials and development opportunities. It is the committee's responsibility to influence and initiate national policy by identifying common themes emerging from the regions and then to communicate the outcomes to support the continuous improvement of governor support services.

Most recent news items

01/02/18: In case you missed it - following the resignation of Justine Greening, Damian Hinds has been appointed as the new Education Secretary. Read his first speech in his new role.
01/02/18: Unison`s recent survey shows school catering staff feel under-valued and under-trained.
01/02/18: Following the publication of DfE's Careers Strategy in December 2017, statutory careers guidance has been published setting out the requirements and expectations of secondary schools.
01/02/18: 2018 is the Year of Engineering - Although engineering is one of the most important sectors in the UK, a shortfall of 20,000 graduates each year is damaging growth. How is your school helping to inspire a new generation of engineers?
01/02/18: It is estimated that 90% of new jobs require digital skills and many companies are reporting that they are struggling to recruit the specialist digital talent they need. Read the speech by the Apprenticeships and Skills Minister highlighting the importance of growing these skills at school.
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