to the National Coordinators of Governor Services

Supporting Governance by

Effective governance

Support and enable the delivery of high quality services to governors to ensure effective governance.

Enable development

Provide a mechanism to ensure that Governor Service professionals have access to a range of professional development opportunities.

Facilitate discussion

Allow professionals to discuss and debate issues on a regional and national level through meetings and a regular annual conference.

How we work?

The National Co-ordinators of Governor Services (NCOGS) is a committee representing Local Authority providers of services to school governors and other governor support professionals. The committee is made up of Co-ordinators of Governor Services (COGS) from across the eight regional groups and is funded through subscription.

As a group, the COGS exist to support and enable the delivery of high quality services to governors and to ensure effective governance in schools. The committee also provides a mechanism for professionals working in Governor services to access a range of materials and development opportunities. It is the committee's responsibility to influence and initiate national policy by identifying common themes emerging from the regions and then to communicate the outcomes to support the continuous improvement of governor support services.

Most recent news items

02/07/18: Ofsted have published a guidance document for inspectors about physical intervention and restrictions of liberty - useful for school leaders (and others) where physical intervention or restraint is used with young people.
02/07/18: The Education Policy Institute's latest report School Performance in academy chains and local authorities 2017 continues to find that a wide range of outcomes are being achieved in different academy chains and local authorities and recommends that high performing local authorities should be allowed to take over schools from underperforming academy chains.
02/07/18: DfE have updated their Early Education and Childcare statutory guidance which takes effect from September 2018.
02/07/18: The latest Language Trends survey suggests that children from poorer backgrounds in England are increasingly likely to miss out on learning a foreign language.
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